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Watch the VANGUARD project video online

During the annual VANGUARD project meeting 2022 held in Geneva, Switzerland we spoke to all project partners involved about the objectives of VANGUARD, their role within the project and the possible impact generating a vascularized and immune-protected bioartificial pancreas that can be transplanted into non-immuno-suppressed patients can have. The interview is now available online and […]

New VANGUARD infographic available

To introduce the VANGUARD project in easier to understand terms we have developed an infographic to explain the complex research happening in VANGUARD

VANGUARD featured in the Horizon EU magazine

Horizon, the official magazine for EU-funded research and innovation projects, has published an article about emerging treatments against diabetes. It includes an interview of the VANGUARD Coordinator Dr. Ekaterine Berishvili from the University of Geneva and a description of our project. Read the article here:

Information for patients and their relatives

Dear followers of the VANGUARD project, Since the VANGUARD website has been activated, we have received many messages from patients and their families enquiring about the possibility to enroll in the study. We are grateful to have so many people interested in the project and following our progress. At the same time, we feel a […]

New research on a promising treatment against type 1 diabetes funded by the European Commission

More than 40 million individuals worldwide are affected by type 1 diabetes, which is the most common chronic disease in children and adolescents. Today’s primary treatment for diabetes is insulin therapy, which requires multiple injections every day to control a person’s blood sugar levels. This can potentially lead to chronic complications such as kidney-related issues […]