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Media coverage, press releases, informative resources and other outreach materials by VANGUARD are presented below.

Press Release

The first VANGUARD Press Release: New research on a promisingtreatment against type 1 diabetes funded by the European Commission. Published on 18.02.2020

Patient Letter

The letter addressing patients and their relatives contains details on the project development and availability of the bioartificial pancreas. Published on 22.07.2020.

Media Presence

Envisioning an Insulin-Free Future at TEDxTbilisi

22.04.2023, Tbilisi, Georgia

The VANGUARD coordinator, Ekaterine Berishvili presented the VANGUARD project in form of a TEDx talk titled Envisioning an Insulin-Free Future as part of Defining Moments theme. This talk was given in Georgian at a standard TEDx event organised by local licensed event coordinators for a wide range of local residents using the TED conference format.

Ekaterine Berishvili at the Georgian First Channel

What role does stem cells play in the treatment of complicated type 1 diabetes?


VANGUARD has been presented on a Georgian TV channel – First Channel – by the project coordinator Ekaterine Berishvili on 26 April 2023. By talking about the role of stem cells in the treat-ment of complicated type 1 diabetes in the Georgian language, the coordinator could reach thousands of viewers from various audience groups including the general public in Georgia.

Lab grown and do-it-yourself:
two emerging routes to an artificial pancreas

July 23, 2020

Published in HORIZON – The EU Research & Innovation Magazine


VANGUARD – European consortium to develop a new generation cell therapy: Bioartificial Pancreas to Cure Type 1 Diabetes. Published by partner KGM, 2020.

Il punto in Europa sulla sostituzione delle cellule beta per la terapia del diabete (Italian). Published by partner OSR, 03.02.2020.

Nova pesquisa sobre um tratamento promissor contra o diabetes tipo 1 financiado pela Comissão Europeia (Portuguese). Published by Tia Beth, 18.02.2020

Verso la cura: Vanguard, nuova ricerca su un trattamento promettente contro il diabete di tipo 1 finanziata dalla Commissione europea (Italian) Published by Il mio diabete, 19.02.2020.

EU project to develop a bio-artificial lab-grown pancreas. Published by Innovation News Network, 24.07.2020.

Vanguard per il diabete tipo 1: pancreas artificiale attecchito in laboratorio e fai-da-te: due vie emergenti per la cura del T1D (Italian). Published by Il mio diabete, 24.07.2020.

Gekweekte alvleesklier: wens of grens? (Dutch). Published by amazingerasmusmc, 01.10.2020.

Multimedia Resources

VANGUARD Infographic

Published on 11.06.2021

Project Introduction Video

Published on 19.12.2022

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