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New Patient Area on the VANGUARD Website: everything you need to know about the advancement of bioartificial pancreas development

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Patient Area on the VANGUARD website. While we have previously addressed common patient inquiries through an official letter available on our Outreach page, we have taken a step further.

The VANGUARD partners are committed to transparency and open communication about the research progress and the state of the new generation therapy to treat type 1 diabetes. Therefore, we have created a dedicated space on our website offering essential information specifically curated for individuals interested in the project and its potential benefits for type 1 diabetes patients.

An important part of the new webpage is the Clinical Study Timeline which visually illustrates a process associated with a clinical treatment development such as bioartificial pancreas by VANGUARD. It describes the steps needed before the treatment is approved and available to patients, showcasing the exact role of the VANGUARD project in this process and its location on the timeline.

We invite you to visit our new Patient Area to learn more about the current state of bioartificial pancreas development. For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.