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VANGUARD Featured on EU Platform for Research Results

The latest research from the VANGUARD project has been featured on the EU research platform together with another EU-funded HemAcure project, highlighting their significant impact on medical science. The HemAcure study on haemophilia A treatment was supported by the VANGUARD project and aimed to establish whether LV-corrected blood outgrowth endothelial cells (BOECs) implanted through a […]

VANGUARD Consortium’s Commitment to World Health Day 2024

The VANGUARD consortium is proud to join the World Health Organization in commemorating World Health Day 2024 on April 7. This year’s theme, ‘My Health, My Right,’ champions the fundamental right to health services and quality living conditions for everyone worldwide. Continuing their mission to contribute to the improvement of humanity’s health, the VANGUARD partners […]

Advancing Global Health: Milestones in the VANGUARD Project’s 52nd Month

The VANGUARD project is currently in its 52nd month of research and has made progress in all its work packages. Specifically, the research outcomes have resulted in a significant number of dissemination and communication activities, exceeding initial expectations. To date, our partners have delivered 44 oral presentations at scientific conferences, showcased 8 scientific posters, and […]

VANGUARD Consortium Meeting 2024 in Innsbruck, Austria

On January 27-28, the VANGUARD general assembly took place in Innsbruck, Austria. Nineteen participants representing the consortium’s nine project partners gathered for a two-day program consisting of project updates, planning sessions, and discussions. The meeting was kindly organized by the members of the Ludwig-Maximilians University München team. The first day commenced with a welcome session […]

Regulatory Challenges at the Intersection of Cellular and Medical Device Therapies in Europe: The Case of the Bioartificial Pancreas

A new publication on Regulatory Challenges at the Intersection of Cellular and Medical Device Therapies in Europe: The Case of the Bioartificial Pancreas in Law, Technology and Humans. Abstract Regenerative medicine solutions for type 1 diabetes are a rapidly developing field of medical technology. So far, these solutions have been principally cell-based treatments and, at […]

Review article on Clinical Translation of Bio-Artificial Pancreas Therapies

As part of the Transplant International special issue on The Future of Beta Cells Replacement in the Era of Regenerative Medicine and Organ Bioengineering, VANGUARD partners published a review article on Clinical Translation of Bio-Artificial Pancreas Therapies: Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Interdisciplinary Considerations and Key Recommendations. The full article is available open access online: […]

VANGUARD Project Leaps Forward: Successful Bi-Annual Meeting in Milan

On the 3rd and 4th of July, the cosmopolitan city of Milan, Italy, played host to the bi-annual project meeting of VANGUARD. The meeting was organised by Lorenzo Piemonti and his team from San Raffaele Hospital. The agenda was dense and engaging, with VANGUARD project partners taking turns to brief each other on their respective […]

Annual VANGUARD meeting held in Igls, Austria

Team members of the VANGUARD project travelled to Igls in Austria for the annual consortium meeting which was held on 22 January 2023. The full day meeting covered the research progress of all work packages in the first three years of the project, the next steps planned and enough time for lively discussions between representatives […]