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New publications from the UNIGE group

VANGUARD is generating its first scientific outcomes, as seven works from the UNIGE group have recently been accepted and published in various journals such as Transplant International, Current Diabetes Report and Stem Cell Reviews and Reports: Alibashe-Ahmed M, Berney T,

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VANGUARD featured in the Horizon EU magazine

Horizon, the official magazine for EU-funded research and innovation projects, has published an article about emerging treatments against diabetes. It includes an interview of the VANGUARD Coordinator Dr. Ekaterine Berishvili from the University of Geneva and a description of our

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Information for patients and their relatives

Dear followers of the VANGUARD project, Since the VANGUARD website has been activated, we have received many messages from patients and their families enquiring about the possibility to enroll in the study. We are grateful to have so many people

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